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Born in 1925 in Tyldesly, Lancashire, Roger Hampson is best known for his paintings and drawings of mining, factory and street scenes, mill scenes and portraits of the people he met in these surroundings. He was inspired to capture on canvas a way of life he knew was fast disappearing and his work shows a depth of understanding of the realities and frequent humour of working class life. He studied at Manchester College of Art from 1946 – 1952 and followed a career in teaching art before becoming the principal at the Bolton College of Art and Design, and later running the Loughborough College of Art and Design. He took part in more than 100 group shows and 30 solo exhibitions, before his death from leukaemia in 1996.

There’s strong interest in works by Roger Hampson, both as a record of a lost way of life and as skilfully-executed works of art in their own right. In addition to producing conventional artwork, Roger Hampson was also an expert printmaker, producing mono prints (where a single copy is made from the original block), and lino printing (where the design is cut into a sheet of linoleum). Good examples of these more unusual techniques are very collectable, as are the more traditional oil paintings. The value of Roger Hampson’s paintings varies a little according to the provenance, media, size and subject matter. Traditional subjects such as scenes of life in mining communities and cities are popular with connoisseurs. At Peter Wilson’s, our in-house expert Stephen Sparrow has years of experience in assessing and valuing Roger Hampson’s work, so do get in touch if you’d like to learn more about a piece you own, or discuss a potential sale or valuation.

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