Probate & Insurance Valuations

Whether you are a first time seller, an experienced collector looking to downsize or a lawyer clearing an estate, Wilson55 can assist with every aspect of the sale of art and antiques.
If you are interested in a valuation, please complete our online valuation form or alternatively call us on 01270 623878.

We are also here to help when formal valuation reports are required for insurance, taxation or probate purposes. Our valuations bring into consideration a range of factors, including a deep knowledge of past auction results for similar items and current market trends.



We provide a confidential and professional service for executors and trustees of estates, solicitors and bankers. Formal valuation reports can also be prepared for the purposes of capital gains and inheritance. Adopting a discreet and responsible approach, we regularly work with solicitors and executors.

What we offer:

  • A detailed inventory written in compliance with Section 160 of the 1984 inheritance act
  • Safe storage of valuable items
  • Arrangement of items to be sold in the appropriate specialist auction
  • Working with one of our partners to complete a house clearance (if required)



Insurance valuations reflect the cost of replacing an object shortly after loss or damage. Typically higher value items will not be automatically covered under a contents policy while changing market values for art, antiques and jewellery highlight the need for regular up-to-date valuations. Whether for a single item or an entire collection, our detailed valuations are accepted by all insurance companies and brokers so that in the event of any claim you can be confident of a full and speedy settlement.