Fritz Aigner Paintings


Born in 1930 in Linz, Austria, Frtiz Aigner was a graphic artist and painter, educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna where he also won the state prize in 1952 for his painting Die Klage des Verlorenen Sohnes. In his quest to create an individual style, he was influenced by classic surrealism but was also very technically proficient, and his paintings contain a wealth of .beautifully-executed detail. Rembrandt was a strong influence, and led to Fritz being nicknamed ‘the Rembrandt of Linz’. Aigner travelled extensively, spending time in Spain, London and Ireland, and recorded his experiences using a wide range of media ranging from oils to coloured aquatint etching, pencil sketches and ink brush drawings. He died in 2005 in Linz.

Fritz Aigner’s subject matter ranged from the religious to the erotic, and his style varied between surrealism, realism and fantasy. He often alluded to well-known society figures in his work, which at times bordered on caricature. He’s as popular amongst collectors for his technical brilliance as for his individual, controversial subject matter, and there’s a strong market for his sketches and paintings as well as for prints of his work. The value of Fritz Aigner’s work varies a little according to the provenance, media, size and subject matter. At Peter Wilson’s, our in-house expert Stephen Sparrow has years of experience in assessing and valuing Fritz Aigner’s paintings, so do get in touch if you’d like to learn more about a piece you own, or discuss a potential sale or valuation.



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