Modern British Art Directory

Modern British Art Directory


Specialist Stephen Sparrow has put together this Modern British Art Directory to provide you with information on the artists whose items we regularly sell in our Modern Art & Design sales. Click an entry to find out more information and to see pieces we have recently sold and prices achieved.


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Mary Fedden Artist

Mary Fedden

Mary Fedden’s work is categorised by its use of colour and the delicate precision of the draughtsmanship, a style she developed later in life. The most sought-after of her work are those later pieces that demonstrate her mastery of texture and eye for detail, such as her stylised still life pictures, a perennial favourite with collectors.

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Elisabeth Frink Artist

Elisabeth Frink

Elisabeth Frink, born in Suffolk in 1930, is best known as a sculptor and printmaker. She studied at the Guildford and Chelsea schools of art in the 1940s and early 1950s, and mainly used men, and birds and animals as her subjects.

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Elisabeth Frink Artist

Terry Frost

Frost is best known for his depictions of landscapes in an abstract style. He described his painting technique as the putting of colour references to things that he would see whilst out in the world, building up these references on the canvas to ‘rediscover’ his seen and lived experience.

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William Gear Artist

William Gear

William Gear developed his distinctive style early in his career, and his work is instantly recognisable for its sense of movement, almost architectural structure and use of heavy black lines to divide blocks of primary colour. Successful during his lifetime, his work is now considered essential study for students of 20th century British art and it remains popular with collectors.

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William Gear Artist

Frederick Gore

Frederick Gore is best known as a landscape painter, but he was also influenced by post-impressionist and abstract styles. His richly-coloured Mediterranean scenes in a post-impressionist style are amongst the most typical and sought after of his work.

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Barbara Hepworth Artist

Barbara Hepworth

Hepworth explored her interest in natural forms in a wide array of media throughout her career, and whilst she is most known for her stone and bronze sculptures, her work in printmaking and collage are equally admired. Her work has led to art history considering her one of the most influential sculptors of the twentieth century, and she is credited as creating some of the earliest forms of abstract sculpture in Britain.

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David Hockney Artist

David Hockney

Born in 1937, Hockey is considered one of the most influential British artists of the twentieth century, having made a career for himself as a painter, printmaker, photographer, stage designer and draughtsman. His work across such a wide range of media can be seen to be linked through their autobiographical subject matter; Hockney’s oeuvre is typically made up of self-portraits, or portraits of people, homes, and landscapes that have been known to him.

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John Shelley Artist

John Shelley

Shelley was born in Margate, Kent, in 1938, and made a name for himself in the art world through his surrealist depictions of the British countryside. The artist was keen to establish that the landscapes within his paintings may be inspired by the countryside, but are ultimately imaginary, giving his works a dreamlike and fantastical quality.

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