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We regularly sell books in our auctions and offer a free book valuation service via our website. We have sold some fantastic examples of rare books and first editions over the years with this being one of our specialisms. If you have a valuable book you would like to submit for one of our auctions, you will be in good hands. 

Our Rare Books Auctions


Books, Ephemera & Maps are offered for sale in our book auctions, held four times per year. Coming across books in the attic belonging to grandparents or finding books in a secondhand bookstore are some of the most common ways to stumble across books that are potentially valuable. First editions of books from the 1950s and 1960s have sold particularly well at recent auctions including Day of the Jackal, a first edition that sold for £500 at one of our book auctions. 



Book Valuations

Not all old books are valuable just because they are old of course and valuing a book is difficult unless you ask an expert. Fortunately, we can offer a free valuation service for books submitted to our auction sales. There are many books around that are more than a hundred years old, some of which are valuable and some not due to the sheer number printed but if you suspect your book or collection of books holds some value we would be delighted to take a look.

Much like any other item for sale in an auction, the scarcity of the item is an important factor in its value. Another important indicator is the condition of the book. Does it still have its dust jacket for example? Has it been kept in the right environment? Books stored in sheds or garages for example can get damp.

Our book valuation specialists will be happy to advise if you are considering the sale of your books. As one of the UK's leading regional auction houses, our established client base and our extensive advertising schedule means that we can achieve the best possible prices for our vendors. 

Contact us to discuss the sale or valuation of your items, or complete our auction valuation form. We hold book valuation days every Wednesday at our salerooms in Cheshire (other days by appointment) and we will travel anywhere in the United Kingdom to look at larger collections of rare and valuable books. 




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