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An array of clocks, barometers and other related items feature strongly in our Fine & Classic and 20th Century Art & Design auctions, held four times each year. We offer a free valuation service as well as a free collection service for items consigned to our auctions.


Clocks & Barometers Overview


Clocks and barometers are popular with collectors as examples of scientific advance as well as for their decorative value. Our auctions regularly contain high quality examples of antique clocks and barometers from the late 17th Century onwards by some of the best-known makers including Dent, Frodsham and Knibb.

The knowledge and expertise of our experienced team enable us to achieve top prices for our vendors. Contact us to discuss the sale or valuation of your items, or complete our online valuation form. 

High quality antique clocks, timepieces and barometers are sold 5 times per year through our Fine Art auctions. Recent highlights include a burr walnut longcased clock signed Joseph Knibb for £9,000, a late 19th Century bracket clock by Kenneth Maclenen for £4,100 and mahogany mantel clock by Edwin Poole for £4,000.


Clock Valuations

Just because a clock is old it doesn’t mean it is valuable or sought after by collectors. As with selling anything else, it is all about supply and demand. There are also several other factors to consider before submitting your clock for an auction valuation. There will of course be the fee to factor in and how popular your item is likely to be with bidders.

This shouldn’t discourage you of course from approaching us to provide an auction valuation if you are unsure of the value of your clock. Sometimes items of considerable value can be found in a relatives attic or even at a car boot sale.

To be considered antique, your clock must be at least 100 years old, but even then your clock may not be valuable. It can take time for antiques to gain value and with some, values can go up and down depending on the market.

Your clock should contain an identifying feature such as a label or signature which will make it easier to identify its origin. Rarity and condition are other key factors in obtaining a high valuation for your clock as is its historical significance. Your clock may also be less than 100 years old and still be highly prized by collectors.

It is often worth doing some research to get a rough idea of value before submitting for an auction valuation and if you are then convinced that your item is worth something take advantage of our free auction valuation service.


Our clock highlights are shown below.

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