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The coin valuations department at Wilson55 is widely respected by numismatic collectors both nationally and internationally and our four specialist coin auctions sales a year regularly achieve a 100% sold rate. As one of the UK's leading regional auction houses, our established client base and our extensive advertising schedule means that we can achieve the best possible prices for your collectible coins and banknotes. 

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Coin Auctions & Valuations Overview


Our seasoned specialist Stephen Sparrow has a deep understanding of the nuances of the coins and banknotes market and whether you are interested in buying or selling he would be delighted to hear from you.


Exploring Collectible Coins 

The value of coins is closely tied to their desirability. A coin highly sought after by collectors naturally commands a premium at auction. Conversely, if a coin lacks interest among collectors, it may not be worth consigning for auction. Before submitting your coins for auction, it's crucial to research their likely demand—a vital first step. If you're uncertain about the value of your coins and believe they might be worth submitting to our auctions, our expert coin team is ready to provide a thorough valuation.


What Makes Coins Valuable?

From ancient Greek and Roman examples to more modern currency, including banknotes, tokens, and medallions, a wide array of coins can be considered valuable. As with any collectible item at auction, factors such as rarity and historical significance play a pivotal role. For instance, gold guinea coins inherently command higher prices at auction.

Coins that are not considered of value are old 50 pence coins and many special edition coins released within the last 30 years that have seen wide distribution. Where coins are deemed to be of value, our coins auction department has a strong track record and has achieved notable results for clients selling their coin collections. 

Noteworthy, Our Auction Success

Our coin auction department boasts a strong track record of achieving notable results for clients selling valuable coin collections.


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Contact us to discuss the sale or valuation of your coins, or complete our auction valuation form. Whether you're selling a single coin or an entire collection, our specialist can provide insights into current market values and guide you through all aspects of selling coins and banknotes at auction. We're willing to travel anywhere in the United Kingdom to appraise valuable collections.

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Stephen Sparrow BA (Hons), ASFAV

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