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Railwayana is regularly offered in our auctions including Crewe and Great Northern Railwayana. If you have some items of railwayana that you wish to sell at auction, complete the form below for a free online valuation service through our website.

Railway Memorabilia & Collectibles 


Being based just outside Crewe we are in the ideal location to offer items of railwayana for sale. The history of rail in Crewe is crucial to the town's identity and is often regarded as the gateway to the North West. If you are interested in the history of rail in Crewe we would definitely recommend a visit to the Crewe Heritage Centre.

In recent years the popularity of railwayana has surged with buyers looking for unique railway memorabilia of historical significance to add to their collection. Outside of the cultural significance of the items, there is also a desire to own them due to their decorative value. Large totem signs and station clocks are selling for great money due to this and can sell well if the location is of significance to the buyers.

As a business, we use the latest in online auction technology in order to make the buying and selling process as smooth as possible for our clients. We are actively on the lookout for locomotive nameplates, smokebox numberplates, station signs/totems, lamps, clocks, posters, whistles, carriage prints, photographs, badges, tickets, seats, models, plans and much more. We reach a global market, regularly selling items to European and American clients through multiple online bidding platforms including our own free bidding platform 'Wilson Live' If you have any items of railwayana that you want to sell at auction please use the form below or email me at harry.pickup@wilson55.com.

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