Boodles is a luxury brand that is coveted worldwide, renowned for its excellence in design and for sourcing the finest diamonds and gemstones. Founded in Liverpool in 1798, Boodles & Dunthorne was a purveyor of fine antique jewellery.

In 1910 to firm merged with the Wainwright Jewellers, retaining its name. The firm was a silversmith, jewellers and watchmakers, but emerged as a bespoke jewellery retailer in the mid 20th Century.

Boodles & Dunthorne bought in its first jewellery designer in 1990, and was renamed ‘Boodles’ in 2004. Today, Boodles is still owned by the Wainwright family, and has stores in Liverpool, London, Manchester, Chester and Dublin. Ever popular at auction, Boodles jewellery 

Popular modern collections that are sought-after by collectors include the 'Raindance' collection, where diamond collets are interspersed within polished openwork bands, the 'Blossom' collection featuring diamonds in beautiful foliate arrangements, and the 'Velocity' collection featuring sleek, streamlined and instantly recognisable design, as well as classic pieces such as diamond solitaire rings, diamond band rings, diamond pendants, diamond earrings, diamond bangles etc.

Antique pieces from when the firm was retailing antique jewellery are also sought-after for their exceptional designs, these are often signed 'Boodles,' 'B&D' or come with fitted cases.


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