Acvoke Air Pistols


Avocke air pistols were produced by the Accles and Shelvoke factory in Talford Street Birmingham between 1946 and 1956 in direct competition with the market leaders Webley and Scott.  The factory had previously been producing the Warrior air pistol patented by Frank Clarke but developed their own in house model based largely around the German Tell air pistol with its folding frame cocking design where the trigger guard formed the main lever to compress the spring.

Production of the Acvoke only lasted a decade and consequently are now less frequently seen on the market today. Condition is critical to collectors, as there are many more worn examples seen than those with an immaculate finish which command the better auction results. An original box accompanying an Acvoke air pistol will double the value and are keenly contested on the rare times they surface on the market.

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