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The German Third Reich dagger or Nazi dagger as they are often known was one of the most highly sought after souvenirs of WWII. Capturing your enemy's sword or blade or receiving it in surrender has always been significant in conflict. This is one of the reasons why we see so many German Third Reich Nazi daggers as well as Japanese Katanas in the hands of civilians who may not be military collectors or enthusiasts. 

Many of the brave allied soldiers saw these Nazi daggers as a must have to take home with them, once home the war tired veterans wanted nothing to do with the past and buried their Nazi souvenirs away out of sight and memory.  In the age we find ourselves in today many of these great warriors of WWII are now sadly passing away and as relatives sort through personal possessions these Nazi Daggers are coming to light again. 

How Valuable Are Nazi Daggers?

The daggers were issued in many forms to officers of the German army, air force, navy as well as political and social groups within the government, each different group having it's own individual design. It is this rich variety of designs and different variations on a theme that make it such a fascinating collecting area for enthusiasts and historians of WWII and significant sums of money can be paid for the rarer types and models when they come up for auction.  

As with any object with an associated high value there is unfortunately fakes and reproductions. With German Third Reich Nazi daggers becoming sought after and collected within the closing months of WWII, almost immediately fakes appeared. Initially the fakes were assembled from original parts raided from stores captured by allied troops as they moved through Germany. Later in the 1960's and 1970's completely new fakes began to appear. Because of this there needs to be a close study of the quality, workmanship and construction method of a Third Reich Nazi dagger when assessing its authenticity especially with more significantly valuable examples.  

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Third Reich Nazi Dagger

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