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The Henry rifle is the gun ‘you load on Sunday and shoot all week’ as a frustrated confederate officer is credited as saying during the American civil war,. Most troops during the American civil war carried single shot muzzle loaders therefore the firepower of the Henry will have been impressive. Born out of the Volcanic pistol’s toggle link action the Henry rifle was patented in 1860 by plant superintendent  B. Tyler Henry and was one of the first successful repeating rifles. The Henry design was to be taken over and developed into the Winchester lever action so famous today.  The original Henry’s fired a .44 rimfire cartridge which was deemed under powered for military use however that didn’t stop hundreds of them being purchased privately and finding their way onto the battlefield. Original Henry rifles command huge premiums when they appear at auction due to the scarcity of them on the market today, they are the pinnacle of any Winchester collection.

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