‘One Thousand and One Banjos’ The Tsumura Collection 1993 is a fabulous and impressive hardbound book included in our 25th October  2018 Musical instrument sale estimate £800-1200. When you flick through this monolithic like volume you wonder how anyone could amass such a collection. Our Cheshire based vendor had a valiant attempt at rivalling it!

Whilst not hitting the thousand instrument mark our vendor got to 110 banjos, still a respectable amount, and has now decided it is time to release the instruments back onto the market. This formidable collection will be sold as part of our 25th October Musical Instrument auction.

The collection shows a love of all manner of banjos and related instruments, from fretless minstrel banjos to elaborately pearl inlaid five strings with carved necks and engraved resonators. A rare Pollmann’s Patent all wood body mandolin shape banjo lurks in the shadows of some of the more elaborate pieces but is incredibly special non the less. Late 19th and early 20th century instruments stand alongside later 20th century examples and makers include Deering, S.S. Stewart, Cammayer, Gold Tone, Grey, Washburn Temlett, Kay, Barnes Mullins, Fairbanks, Lyon and Healy, Dobson, Coles and many more.

The sale catalogue is now online. Viewing Wednesday 24th 9am-5pm, on morning of auction 9am-10am or other times by appointment.

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