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Target shooting with black powder revolvers .To be sold as part of our May Arms and Militaria sale.

Remington Pedersoli and Ruger revolvers  

Target shooting with black powder firearms is a fascinating and consuming sport, for many licence holders the ultimate in smile factor target shooting is the black powder muzzle loading revolver.

Most people shoot Italian made replicas of the famous ‘wild west’ wheel guns, many being quite happy to see the gun go off reliably and to hit the paper target with some sort of group appearing. There are those however who want to squeeze every last drop of accuracy out of their black powder shooting, in this article we look at three possibilities for those in pursuit of a tack driving revolver.


Pedersoli Remington Target Revolver.

The Remington pattern percussion revolvers are thought of by most to be the best choice for a muzzle loading revolver. Alongside the Rogers and Spencer design, the Remington pattern is the most frequently seen at competitions. The design however does have some have some room for improvement and Pedersoli have addressed this with their target shooting model. This is an authentic-looking revolver that features a .44 calibre brooch rifled match grade 7.5inch octagonal barrel. This form of rifling is as smooth as can be to reduce the grip and build up of fouling in the bore throughout a string of shots. The revolver has enlarged grips which are a better fit for most who find the original Remington grip far too small. The trigger pull is honed to give a crisp light break, the front sight is dovetailed allowing for windage adjustment. The nipples are of beryllium bronze nipples to increase reliability and the whole gun is covered in a matt nonreflective finish which still looks tasteful but stops unwanted reflections distracting the keen eye of the target shooter.
This Pedersoli .44 target model revolver will be included in our May 27th Firearms auction and is estimated at £200-300.

Remington Pedersoli and Ruger revolvers

Original Remington 1858 New Model Army

There are some who enjoy shooting historic firearms, the author being one of them. There are classes within national and international black powder competitions that separate original firearms from reproductions. As stated before, it is the Remington design which is most frequently used for target shooting over the ubiquitous Colt design as it has a solid frame which is grooved to form the rear sight. This provides a much more reliable sighting platform rather than using the rear sight notched into the hammer of a Colt revolver. The Remington design also has a larger trigger surface more user-friendly to the target shooter than the narrow and slightly offset trigger of the Colt.

The .44 Remington 1858 New Model Army revolver included in our May 27th Firearms auction has an outward condition that is less desirable to the purist collector looking for perfection, it does however have a good clean bore with sharp rifling and could be a candidate for historical revolver matches providing it is first safety checked fully by a knowledgeable gunsmith. It is estimated at £700 -1,000.

Remington, Ruger and Pedersoli revolvers

Ruger Old Army

For those who are not worried by historical accuracy but want to enjoy pistol shooting with a percussion muzzle loading revolver the Ruger Old Army is a must. The Ruger is constructed from stainless steel which helps with cleaning and maintenance of the revolver. It has adjustable target sights which deliver a bold sight picture so important for pistol shooting. The loading lever has been engineered to work with enhanced smoothness and the grip designed for modern hands. Estimated at £150-200 the .44 Ruger featured in our 27th May auction is the cheapest of the three muzzle-loading revolvers yet ironically has the greatest potential for accurate shooting and is the most forgiving to those wanting to master the art of revolver shooting.




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