Deactivated guns for sale in August

Preview guns for sale in the Summer.

Tommy gun

Our next Firearms, Shotguns, Airguns, Arms and Militaria auction to be held on Thursday 25th August includes a good selection of deactivated guns. 

Deactivated weapons are for many the easiest and most readily available method of participating in the interest of collecting military history. UK gun laws are some of the strictest in the world and the process of obtaining a licence to own live firing guns is for many enthusiasts either too much hassle, expense or is prohibitive for other reasons.  For those wishing to own a real example of a firearm used in one of the conflicts of the 20th century, deactivated guns are often the best option available. The added benefit of a deactivated firearm is that it can be displayed rather than being locked away in a secure cabinet.

Since 2018 the rules on the specifications for all deactivated guns sold in the UK changed. All our deactivated guns comply with the lastest rules for deactivation. 

Below are some of the deactivated guns included in our August 2022 sale.

Tommy gun

Deactivated Thompson M1A1 .45acp sub machine gun, serial number 206506, four stick magazines, leather magazine pouch, sling and five inert rounds. Estimate £500 - 700 

Steyr AUG

Deactivated Austrian Steyr AUG 5.56mm assault rifle, with optical sight in the handle, serial number M46666. Estimate £300 - 500 

Lee Enfield SMLE Deactivated

Deactivated Lee Enfield SMLE III* .303 bolt action rifle, made by BSA and dated 1918, serial number I59883. Estimate £400-600 

Tokarev pistol

Deactivated Tokarev 7.62mm pistol with holster and spare magazine, serial number 83090, dated 1943. Estimate £250-350

Deactivated .303 Martini Henry

Deactivated .303 Enfield Martini Henry MkIII carbine, 21inch barrel, receiver dated 1880 on one side and restamped 1895 on the reverse at the time of conversion from .577/450, serial number 1063. Estimate £200-300 

Deactivated .303 Drill rifle

Deactivated Lee Enfield No.4 L59A1 Drill Rifle, serial number A39768, with white sling. Estimate £300-400 


Should you have any items you would like to sell in one of our Firearms, Arms and Militaria sales we would be pleased to hear from you. For more information please contact Chris Large on 01270 623878 or email






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