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We are inviting consignments of Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, and many more designer bags, accessories and clothing for our forthcoming Designer & Luxury Auctions. Whether you are having a wardrobe clear-out, looking for your next luxury accessory, or searching for an investment piece, our sale will feature a wide array of coveted designer goods for both ladies and gentlemen. Our sales include luxury designer bags, scarves, shoes, pens, fashion and costume jewellery incorporating sought-after pieces from the leading names in fashion, including Gucci, Prada, Christian Dior, Cartier and many others.


Mulberry Bayswater & Mulberry Willow Bag - Designer Handbag Auctions at Peter Wilson

A Mulberry 'Willow' bag (left) and a Mulberry 'Bayswater' bag (right). 


Whether you are thinking of selling the odd piece you no longer wear or considering consigning an entire collection, our dedicated team will make the process as easy as possible, using targeted marketing, presentation and viewing events to ensure that your financial return is maximised. 

We will happily deal with individual items all the way to entire collections, offering a discreet, up-to-date, and tailored auction service. One example of such a collection featured in our Fine Art Sale comprising the contents of a Nantwich lady's designer clothing collection, which enjoyed huge success! Following the popularity of this sale, and taking into account the following points, we are launching Designer & Luxury Auctions to take place three times a year, offering luxurious lots for both ladies and gentlemen! 


Why Now?


The market for pre-loved and second-hand designer bags and accessories has never been stronger, ensuring a wealth of selection for our buyers and a healthy return for our vendors. Here are the key reasons why:


Sustainability -  More than ever before, buyers of designer and luxury items are conscious of their environmental footprint, and are turning towards the second-hand market as a means of sustainably growing their collections, updating their collections and even disposing of unworn items that will go to another home to be worn and cherished by the next owner!


Sought-after bags - The relative scarcity of covetable designs and limited edition pieces has driven the auction market for handbags, with hard-to-find pieces reaching premium prices at auction, seen by collectors as a way to get that limited edition bag without the waiting list they would have for a new model. The fluctuations in fashion have also assisted the sale of second-hand bags - take the soaring popularity of Dior's early 00's 'Saddle Bag,' bought along by the updated version launching in 2018.


International collectors - The emergence of international collectors, scouring the globe to find the designer bags of their choice and bidding online or via telephone bids has increased the coveted nature of these auctions.


Chanel price hikes - Chanel announced a price rise to their classic style bags in May, with some designs rising 25% when bought new, and some even encroaching on Birkin bag prices! As a result, the savvy designer buyers have looked to the second-hand market to purchase these classic and timeless designs at a preferable price to those when bought new. 


Increase in online engagement with auctions - Over the last year in particular, the auction industry has seen a substantial rise in online bidding and participation via online platforms. To accommodate this new buyer base, Peter Wilsons boasts not one but four online bidding platforms for our sales, including Wilsons Live with 0% online commission fees, bringing a fresh new collective of online bidders, all eager to find their next designer treasure.  




One of the key aspects when purchasing luxury and designer items second-hand is the authentication of these pieces. With thousands of fake and fraudulent designer goods saturating the market, it is important that our bidders feel confident in the items that they are purchasing. Peter Wilson conducts a thorough authentication service in-house and in conjunction with second parties to ensure the authenticity of any goods offered.

The main advantage of selling through our specialist sales is that our buyers are confident in our catalogue descriptions and condition reports, as well as having the opportunity to have a thorough inspection of each item at our viewing events prior to the sale. Where possible, we ask that goods consigned are bought in with their original dustbags, boxes and receipts. However, in lieu of this, our specialists are happy to confirm the authenticity of every lot offered allowing our bidders to buy in confidence and to take the pressure of buyers questions and enquiries that would happen if our vendors sold via other methods!


Obtain a Valuation


If you have an item you wish to enter for this sale make sure you get a free auction valuation of your item from our specialist team, who carefully vet each item in order to provide an up-to-date and well-informed auction appraisal. Either send images to us using this form for an online valuation service. Please send over detailed images, including shots of any stamps or markings, logos, areas of stitching, damage, as well as the interior and exterior of any handbags, and our team will get back to you with an up-to-date appraisal.

Alternatively, book in with one of our specialists for a face-to-face valuation appointment or house visit.



Chanel black leather patent quilted classic (1994-1996) shoulder bag with flap

A Chanel black leather patent quilted classic flap bag, circa 1994-1996.


Our forthcoming Designer & Luxury Auctions will take place on Thursday 23rd June and Thursday 22nd October. To consign your items to these specialist sales, or for an obligation-free auction appraisal, contact Liz Bailey MA FGA DGA for a free online valuation or to book a valuation appointment.

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