Mike Cooper Musical Instruments

Single-Owner Collection to be sold in October

We are delighted to have the personal collection of musical instruments formerly belonging to Mike Cooper as part of our 25th October 2018 Musical Instrument sale.


G&L Broadcaster presented to Mike Cooper by Leo Fender


Mike Cooper is well known in the music industry as being the co-founder and owner of Groove Tubes value amps but his introduction to the industry was as a musician. Cooper was a skilled trombone player gigging around the country in various bands from the early 1980s onwards and from here he started buying and selling instruments with various band members. Mike co-founded the Scott Cooper company selling a wide range of guitars in American, Spain and also the UK and from this company the famous Groove Tubes brand was founded with partner Aspen Pittman.


Mike Cooper with Scott Cooper Trade stand. 


Guitar sales and Groove Tubes took Cooper to many trade shows in America. Here he rubbed shoulders with many famous musicians including Brian May, Mick Jagger, and Eddie Van Halen to name a few. At the Anaheim California shows he befriended Leo Fender. Mike Cooper and Leo Fender became lifelong friends, Leo on several occasions attempting to employ Mike as part of G&L guitars. Leo Fender was to gift one of his first G&L Broadcasters to Mike which is included in the auction alongside other Fender items and Mikes trombones. 


Mike Copper with Brian May

   Mike Cooper with Eddie Van Halen. 


Mike's main passion outside Fender was his trombones, included are his personal players including a King 2B, 3B, 606, a Yamaha 651, L.A. Sax red metallic trombone.  



If you have any musical instruments you are considering selling please call Chris Large on 01270 623878 or email chris@peterwilson.co.uk 

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