Monster Wall Gun!

1" bore Flintlock by Lacy to be sold in May.


Some firearms are exceptionally impressive and in the competition of whose gun is the biggest, the Wall gun included in our 27th May sale is the clear winner!

Made by Lacy and Co. in London around 1810 this brute measures 184cm / 72.5 inches long has a 1 inch bore and weighs in at a substantial 14 kilograms.

Jo and the flintlock wall gun

Jo and the flintlock wall gun.


These goliaths of firearms were built to bridge the gap between the standard military muskets and artillery. Although it has a stock it is designed to be mounted to a rampart or wall by a steel yoke hence the name 'wall gun'. There is occasional mention of these beasts being used on ships although this is rare and shorter versions were more commonly used, termed swivel guns. The 54 inch barrel of the wall gun is thought to have increased the range and accuracy. Tests conducted during the American Wars of Independence concluded that a wall gun could ‘hit a sheet of common paper at 600 yards’

Flintlock wall gun and an East India Company flintlock musket

Illustrated above, the flintlock wall gun with a East India short musket for size comparison.

The example in our May 27th 2021 has been made by Lacy to full military pattern for use by an independent military force such as the East India Company. The gun has all the standard features of a musket of the period except for being completely scaled up. Throughout history the gun has lost a few parts including the top jaw and screw as well as one side nail and ramrod but these parts can be bought from the Rifle Shoppe in Oklahoma and we can recommend importers who can acquire these parts for the potential purchaser. The Rifle Shoppe even sells a reproduction Yoke should you want to mount this gun to your house, castle or pickup truck!

Flintlock wall gun


The wall gun is due to be sold in our 27th May auction with a presale estimate of £2,500 – 3,500.

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To see a reproduction wall gun in action it is well worth checking out Mae from C&Rsenal firing one from the link below. 


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