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Featuring in our 19th October Single Owner Collection Silver Sale are a stunning collection of silver nutmeg graters.


A rare sight indeed is this stunning selection of 17th century and later silver nutmeg graters. Amassed over several years, this fantastic collection of market-fresh and previously unseen silver nutmeg graters features rare and sought-after designs to include cylinders, nutmegs, scallop shells, urns, eggs, barrels and much more, with several directly comparable pieces currently housed at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Featuring no less than thirty-seven pieces, this impressive collection truly gives an insight into ‘the eye of the collector,’ acquiring carefully selected pieces for their design and historical significance. Featuring famed silversmiths such as David Field, Samuel Meriton II, Samuel Pemberton, and many more, this remarkably curated collection displays the design evolution of this opulent accessory.

Nutmeg graters were first used in the mid 17th century. Designed to carry and grate the expensive and fragrant spice nutmeg, these refined silver boxes were designed to be portable, and carried in the pocket or in a travelling canteen. Diminutive in size and containing a grater, these lavish objects allowed for a special seasoning for food and drink – particularly punch and mulled wine.

Rising in popularity in the 18th century, the nutmeg grater began to be made in a variety of novelty forms, to impress and reflect the owner’s taste and style. Our selection includes graters dating from the very early days of nutmeg export in the 1690s, all the way to the early 19th century.


The collection of nutmeg graters will sell in our 19th October 'Single Owner Collection Silver Sale.' For further information on any of the lots, please contact Liz Bailey on


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