Rare Lee Enfield Rifles

A selection of rifles not often seen on the open market.

Here is our pick of some rare and unusual Lee Enfield rifles seldom seen on the open market. They are to be included in our 7th of February 2024 Firearms, Shotguns, Airguns, Arms, and Militaria Auction.


Sub Target Gun Machine Lee Speed rifle. 

Lee Speed Sub Target Gun Machine Lee Enfield

Exceptionally rare BSA Lee Speed .303 bolt action rifle from a 'Sub Target Rifle Machine', the rifle of standard Long Lee Enfield specifications with 30 inch barrel, but fitted with a metal arbor allowing the rifle to be connected to the Sub Target machine, Birmingham proof marks, serial number 19277. Together with a photocopy of the original instructions. Estimate £1,000 - 2,000



Lee Enfield SMLE Converted from a Long Lee Enfield. 

Lee Enfield SMLE Converted

London Small Arms Lee Enfield SMLE MkI converted from a Long Lee Enfield MkI .303 bolt action rifle, 25inch barrel, fitted with tangent rear sight stamped EFD, protected by steel wings applied to the hand guard, the bolt with early style cocking piece is later fitted with charger guide, the wrist joint is stamped with a Crown and VR above L.S.A. Co, 1898, LE1, the reverse side stamped Enfield 1905 Sht LE ConD II, the trigger guard is engraved Army and Navy Co-operative Society London No. 40956. The butt is fitted with a steel butt plate which does not include a sprung trap. The receiver with crossed-out original serial number and new 2918 repeated on the bolt and barrel. Estimate £800 - 1,200



Lee Enfield Cavalry Carbine. 


Lee Enfield Cavalry Carbine

Lee Enfield .303 bolt action L.E.C.I Cavalry Carbine, 20.5inch barrel fitted with folding ladder sights covered by a leather protector, wrist joint stamped Enfield VR below a crown and dated 1898, the flattened form bolt fitted with dust cover, the action with magazine cut-off and five shot magazine with retaining hoop, stamped with numerous inspection marks, the butt with faint roundel and butt disk, Birmingham Nitro proofs, serial number 8508 to bolt, receiver and barrel. Estimate £1,000 - 1,500.



Lee Enfileld No.4 trials rifle. 

Lee Enfield No.4 Trials rifle

Lee Enfield .303 No.4 MK1 bolt action trials rifle, 25inch barrel with aperture sight graduated to 1300 yards, the action fitted with magazine cutoff catch, the bolt with early style cocking knob, early style shaped foresight protectors, the receiver with milled pocket for the safety catch, the wrist joint stamped with a crown and GR Enfield 1933 No.4 MkI, the receiver stamped with sold out of service arrows along with 'Fultons Regulated', the butt stock fitted with brass disk, serial number A0846 to wrist joint, bolt and forend, Birmingham proofs. Fitted with a period leather sling. Estimate £800 -1,200 



Lee Enfield SMLE  fitted with a Periscopic Prism sniper scope.

Lee Enfield SMLE Sniper

Lee Enfield SMLE MkIII .303 bolt action rifle fitted with a Periscopic Prism Company London sniper scope, the mount stamped 3007 (this is used as the rifle's serial number for licensing purposes) the rifle itself is completely devoid of any markings or serial numbers, the only marks being the Birmingham proof marks and H.V. stamped to the barrel just behind the tangent rear sight, an inspectors stamp to the butt plate tang and to the magazine follower. The scope, fitted with quick release mounts has a post and bar reticule and B&Co. broad arrow stamped leather covers. With a period leather sling. Estimate £1,000 - 1,500.



Lee Enfield L39 Sniper rifle. 

Lee Enfield L39 Sniper

BSA Lee Enfield L42 7.62 bolt action rifle, 28 inch heavy profile barrel, the action stamped XL42EI D70 over the original No.4T markings, the wrist joint stamped M47 England, 1943, TR together with the serial number AN7010 repeated on the bolt, the barrel stamped CR1470 D71 FB351, AM, along with an inspectors mark under the upper hand guard. The telescope fitted into Daglish mount numbered to the rifle (its original serial number crossed out) with a later added tin case dated 1983, stamped with maker mark C&P. The rifle is accompanied by an L42 chest with interior label dated 1971, inside is a sling, cleaning kit, L42 No.32 tool, and a MkII S four drawer telescope by H.B.M Co. in leather case. Estimate £3,000 - 5,000 



Deactivated Lee Enfield SMLE MkI*. 

Lee Enfield SMLE Deactivated

Deactivated Lee Enfield SMLE MkI* .303 rifle, 24 inch barrel, tangent sight, the wrist joint with ER crown stamp as well as 'BSA, 1906 ShtLE, I*' the side of the stock is fitted with volley sights, serial number T9872, fitted with a leather sling. Estimate £1,000 - 1,500



 Lithgow Lee Enfield Carbine

Lithgow Lee Enfield

Lithgow .303 bolt action rifle, built as a No. 6 built around a No.1 action with 21inch barrel incorporating a No.5 Jungle Carbine style flaring flash hider and bayonet lug, the barrel fitted with standard tangent rear sight protected by two wings, the wrist joint stamped MA Lithgow S.M.L.E III * 1944, Birmingham proofs serial number XP54157 to bolt, action and barrel. Fitted with a canvas sling. Estimate £800 - 1,200




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