Roundhouse Locomotives

Included in our timed Toys & Models auction (ending Sunday 8th November) are four locomotives manufactured by Roundhouse Engineering. Roundhouse is a British based model train company that specialises in live steam and battery-operated locomotives. Located in Doncaster they have been manufacturing live steam locomotives for over 30 years.

The first lot to focus on is lot 53, a 4-6-4 T, maroon, Leek and Manifold live steam locomotive. Part of the Roundhouse 'Classic Series', this locomotive is inspired by the Leek & Manifold Valley Light Railway which ran from Waterhouses to Hulme End in Staffordshire. The railway had a relatively short lifespan lasting only 30 years between 1904-1934 with two Kitson & Co locomotives named 'E. R. Calthrop' and 'J. B. Earle'. This lot is the 'Manual' model and is therefore not remote controlled.

Lot 54 however, the 'Katie' live steam 16mm locomotive, is radio-controlled. Painted in 'FR Victorian Maroon' the Katie is a standard narrow gauge saddle tank locomotive design. Unlike lot 53 this model is not directly inspired by pre-existing rolling stock but draws inspiration from several notorious builders such as the Hunslet Engine Company and W. G. Bagnall etc.


The penultimate roundhouse offering in our timed auction is lot 55, a manual 'Lady Anne' live steam 16mm, 0-6-0 locomotive. Painted in 'Deep Brunswick Green' this locomotive is similar to the 'Katie' in that it has not been directly inspired by existing stock but is archetypal of a medium-sized narrow gauge tank locomotive.


Finally, lot 56 is a black 'Little John' battery-powered 16mm, 0-4-0 diesel locomotive. Unlike the other three Roundhouse locomotives offered the Little John has since been discontinued and has not been available for purchase since the beginning 2020. The 'Little John' is inspired by a typical small yard shunter and is a great addition to an existing collection or as a first foray into model locomotives.

Our timed Toys & Models auction concludes on Sunday 8th November. The sale is comprised of 71 lots ranging from rocking horses to toy soldiers and is bound to have lots of interest from collectors nationwide. If you would like to sell items from your collection in our next sale please get in touch or complete our online valuation form here.

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