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Big bore Wild Fowling Guns to be sold in February.

Watson 4 bore Wild fowling gun

Our 8th February Firearms and Shotguns auction is graced with several rather wonderful big bore Wildfowling guns. These monster calibre shotguns are chambered to accept sizable ammunition the scale of which will swamp a standard 12 bore cartridge. The ammunition is now classed as obsolete consequently most of these guns can be bought without licence and owned as an antique or curio.


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Watson 4 bore wildfowling gun

The star of the show is certainly the Watson Brothers 4 bore single barrel shotgun. It has a massive 43inch Damascus barrel engraved Watson Brothers Pall Mall London and stamped with London proof marks. The gun has a rotary underlever action and rebounding hammer which are adorned with tasteful double line border engraving. The figured walnut stock has been fitted with rope hole to attach the gun to a boat or punt should this application be required. The gun is estimated to sell for £2,000 – 3,000.

Army and Navy 8 bore hammer gun

Next in line is a superb condition Army and Navy double 8 bore rotary underlever hammer gun with interesting provenance. The gun bears a silver escutcheon engraved with the Allan Family Blackwell Grange crest depicting a lion and inscribed 'fortiter gerit crucem’ (He carries the cross bravely) The hammer gun has 34 inch browned Damascus barrels which are engraved Army and Navy C.S.L London. Fitted with a doll head extension they are marked with London black powder proof stamps. The unengraved back actions are fitted with rebounding hammers and double line borders bearing the maker's name. The stunning example is estimated to sell for £2,500 – 3,500.

Reilly 8 bore hammer gun

The third star of our sale is an E.M. Reilly 8 bore single barrel shotgun. The 39 inch barrel is nitro reproofed in Birmingham and engraved E.M. Reilly & Co. Oxford Street London & Rue Scribe Paris. Living up to the excellent quality Reilly is known for, the rotary under lever action with rebounding hammers are finely engraved with scrollwork patterns. The stock is set with gold escutcheon engraved with a family crest of stag head above pole and initials G.C.M. The Reilly is estimated to sell for £1,000 – 2,000


And now for something completely different. Many of you who have visited Game Fairs at Western Park, Ragley Hall, Shugborough, and Witton Castle may remember watching black powder demonstrations by Robert Colley dressed in full buckskins looking like Davy Crockett. You may have read articles about him in the Shooting Times or other publications. For many years Robert performed in the main rings of these fairs as well as allowing attendees to test fire his monstrous 5 bore / 1 inch percussion muzzle loading shotgun. This beast was hand made by Robert, a carpenter by trade, utilising a 20th century 50 inch Birmingham proofed barrel (therefore the gun will always need to be kept on a Section 2 licence) and repurposing a US civil war Starr Arms lock. Robert has retired from shooting these days and decided this old friend needs to find a new home through our February 8th Sale.

Robert Colley in full buckskins. 

Click here to preview the February Sale, more lots to be added up until mid-January 2022.

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