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We want to make the selling process as easy as possible. From the initial valuation to receiving payment, our expert team are here to help. 

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The first step to selling your item is to get a valuation or 'estimate' of how much your item could be worth if it is sold at auction. You can do this using our 'Online Valuation Form'. Alternatively, you can book a free valuation appointment with one of our experts. 


Online Valuation Form > 


Our specialists will carefully examine the images and information you submit and will be able to give you a provisional estimate of the sort of price your item could achieve in one of our specialist auctions. We may need a little more information before we can give an estimate - in which case we'll phone or email you. We'll always confirm the estimate when we have examined your items in person.


Book a valuation appointment >


We are currently offering a range of options for valuation appointments - by video call, phone call, as well as in-person. 

As well as giving you an estimated value, our experts will recommend which of our specialist sales is the most appropriate for your item.

If you'd prefer to call or email, that's fine - our phone and email address can be found on our contact details page.

All our auction valuations are free of charge and without obligation.

Your 'Seller's Agreement' will detail the items you are selling. It will state an auction 'estimate' for each item - this is a price range within which we expect the item to sell (referred to as a 'low' and a 'high' estimate - for example, £500 - £800); the estimate is published for each item so that potential buyers knows how much to bid - bear in mind it is for the buyer to decide and the buyer may well bid more than this, which is the attraction of selling through an auction!

If you have agreed a 'reserve' for your item this will also be listed; a reserve is the minimum amount you are willing to sell your item for - the reserve price must be lower than or equal to the low estimate; as an example if your item is estimated at £1,000 - £1,500 you may agree on a reserve of £900. The reserve is not published. Not everyone places a reserve on the item they are selling.

Your Seller's Agreement will also detail the auction that your item is to be offered in and the fees that will apply if your item sells. We only charge a fee if your item sells and our fees are very clear and among the most competitive you will find. 

Once your item is at our saleroom our specialists will examine it carefully and write a detailed description of your item. Photographs will be taken and you will be sent a 'Pre-Sale' advice letter for the auction which will show our full description along with any condition report, the estimate and if applicable the reserve for each item. We will also advise you when the auction will be happening and other key dates including when you will receive your sale proceeds if your item sells. 

Your item will be marketed to our extensive database of collectors, as well as on international sales platforms. We use the very latest marketing technology to ensure we give your item the right exposure to reach the maximum audience.

You will be able to watch our 'Live Online' auctions from the comfort of your own home as we stream these auctions live from our website. 

Immediately after the auction, we will publish provisional results on our website so you can check if your item sold and how much it sold for. Sometimes we receive offers from buyers after the auction has happened - e.g. if the item was unsold and someone wishes to buy it. We will negotiate an offer, with your consent, after the main auction. 

48 hours after the auction (to allow time for the late offers) we will send you your 'Provisional Results' list. This will show you what each item sold for and what your net sale proceeds will be (i.e. after our agreed fee is deducted). We call it 'Provisional' as the result is not finalised until we have received payment on your behalf from the winning bidder. We collect payment from the buyer and handle all buyer communications on your behalf.  

If any of your items didn't sell, we will give you our recommendation for what should happen next with the item - this might include re-offering the item for sale in a future auction at a reduced estimate, or asking you to collect the item from us.

Providing the buyer has paid for the item, 21 days after the auction we will pay your sale proceeds into your bank account and we will send a 'Final Sale Advice' statement which will detail the items sold and the result, as well as our charges. This will be broken down in a clear way that is easy to understand. 

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