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We hold four dedicated Fine Wines & Spirits auctions each year and offer a free appraisal service as well as a free collection service for items consigned to our auctions.

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Wine Auctions Overview


At our wine auctions and also our spirits auctions your will find a variety of fine and rare wines and spirits which remain consistently popular with collectors, as they’re a good investment. In addition to port, Champagne, wine, whisky and other spirits by the flask or case, the world of wine collecting also includes a huge range of accessories and peripheral items such as corkscrews, cases, barrels, advertisements, wine coolers and decanters. In fact, from the simple stoneware casks used in taverns to the elaborate drinking glasses, decanters and silver coasters and labels of the 19th century There’s a market for practically everything connected with the wine industry!


With regard to the wines and spirits themselves, classic wines from prominent vineyards and regions in Europe are always popular, and we’re also seeing a rise in interest in the best of New World wines. The market for port remains buoyant, particularly the vintage years such as 1963, 1966, 1970 and 1977, and there’s strong interest in fine old Scotch and Cognac. Some names to watch out for include vintage Chateau Petrus wine, Remy Martin Louis VIII cognac and Warre’s port from the 60s and 70s.


Wine Auction Prices  

As this category encompasses such a wide range of objects, prices vary enormously, but on the whole wine, spirits and related paraphernalia tends to perform well at auction due to its broad appeal, being popular with investors, connoisseurs and collectors alike. Just as with any other type of collectable, rarity is a strong factor in determining the value of fine wines and spirits, and even contemporary wines can command high prices if they’re exclusive or unusual enough. In order to hold its value though, wine must also have been correctly stored. 

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