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After the success of our last coin sale, we are now accepting consignments for our March 2021 Coins auction and Banknote sale. 

Already consigned we have a fantastic collection of Charles I Halfcrowns.  Covering one of the most interesting numismatic periods, these coins encapsulate the turmoil and confusion of the Civil War period.  With a vast range of Mints, variations and inconsistencies in quality it is an area of collecting which has seen a huge resurgence in interest in recent years.  Based here in Nantwich the Civil War has always held importance with the Sealed Knot recreating the Battle of Nantwich every year.  This single-owner collection includes many strong pieces and it has been a privilege to work through such historic pieces.


English Civil War Coin

        English Civil War Coin


Aside from this collection, there is also a fantastic range of coins already included in this sale from ancient Roman times, through Anglo-Saxon, George III and everything else in between.  If you have anything that you are considering selling or would just like a coin valuation please contact Stephen Sparrow to make an appointment.


English Civil War Coin       English Civil War Coin



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