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Signs have never been hotter at auction with both tin and enamel signs selling for incredible prices in our recent sales. Over the past couple of years, advertising memorabilia has been increasing in popularity with buyers keen to purchase original signs from all sorts of industries. The most popular examples are often linked to the automobile trade with companies such as Ford, BP, Shell and Castrol performing particularly well. However, collectors are also keen on purchasing signs from food and drink brands, tobacco companies and signs from locomotives and railway stations.



Motoring Signs

 At Wilson55 we recently sold a collection of Castrol signs which sold for £760. These were tin signs, not enamel, which usually commands a much higher price at auction however, this collection surpassed expectations with each lot selling over the high estimate. In the past we have also sold a Morgan Motor Co. showroom advertising sign, a Pratt's motor spirit enamel sign and a Goodyear enamel sign


Advertising Signs

Outside of automobilia, we have also sold a number of commercial advertising signs. The recent highlight was a rather impressive 'Player's Please' advertising sign which sold for £2,200 to an American buyer in our November 2020 auction. This unique piece was found in the back of a garage during a valuation last year, the vendor unaware of its value. We have also sold an enamelled 'Tizer' sign for £180 and a United Kingdom Tea Company enamel sign for £1,000. Other iconic mid 20th century brands such as Lyon's, Cadbury, Fry's and Bovril are highly collectable and consistently sell for good prices at auction.



Railwayana Signs

We are excited to be selling a collection of railwayana to include signs, plaques and totems in our next 20th Century Art & Design auction on Thursday 20th May. Given our proximity to Crewe and its strong history, we are keen to expand this area and are on the lookout for items to offer in our forthcoming auctions. To find out more about or Railwayana department click here.

If you have any automobilia, advertising or railwayana signs that you would like to sell at auction please fill in our valuation form or email images to our specialist Harry Pickup at

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