W. H. Haseler



William Hair Haseler is a silversmith that is undoubtedly associated with Liberty & Co. W. H. Haseler & Co. was founded in 1870, producing gold, silver, and jewellery. In 1898, W.H.Haseler and Liberty went into partnership, with Haseler producing most of Liberty’s silverware from their Birmingham workshop. They launched the silver line of Liberty ‘Cymric’ and the pewter counterpart ‘Tudric’ under a new company name of Liberty & Co and produced works designed by Archibald Knox.

In 1901, Haseler sold most of their plant and premises in return for £200 worth of shares in Liberty & Co. Hinks (1983) argued that this was an astute move by the firm, as it “[enabled] them to pursue own work and mark and market some Liberty designs as their own.” The partnership between the firms continued until 1926, producing some of the finest early 20th century silver Britain has to offer.

Pieces by W.H.Haseler are highly collectable and sought-after by collectors of all things Liberty and Knox. Most are assayed for Birmingham, and bear the maker’s marks ‘W.H.H’ at least, with many stamped ‘Liberty & Co’ ‘Cymric’ and ‘Tudric.’

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