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Buying a Panerai watch at auction offers several advantages. Our auctions feature a wide selection of rare and limited-edition watches including Panerai watches that may not be easily available through other channels. Additionally, our auctions allow you to potentially acquire a Panerai timepiece at a more competitive price compared to retail.

Panerai watches are of course highly regarded by collectors and can hold significant value. The brand's iconic design, historical significance, and association with the Italian Navy's elite diving unit all contribute to their popularity. Limited production runs and the use of high-quality materials further enhance their desirability among watch enthusiasts. However, like any collectible, the value of a Panerai watch will vary depending on factors such as rarity, condition, and provenance. Researching the specific model and consulting with our watch experts can help ensure an accurate valuation of your watch. 

Our specialist Fine Jewellery & Watch auctions are held 4 times a year and include the whole spectrum of jewellery, from modern and designer pieces to antique jewels, coloured gemstone jewellery to fine diamond rings. Our department is headed by Liz Bailey who is FGA and DGA qualified, with many years experience in the industry. We offer a free watch valuations service as well as a free collection service for items consigned to these auctions.

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