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How Much is my Waltham Watch Worth?

Waltham pocket watches and wristwatches sell well at auction, as you would expect, typically the 14k and 18ct hunter pocket watches retain a timeless appeal with collectors and continue to rise in value. Other value factors however that are more niche include the following: 



Famous owners, or the recipients of Waltham watches play a factor in their auction value today. Owing to their nature, pocket watches were typically awarded or bestowed to commemorate occasions. Whether it is to a renowned recipient, or to mark a significant historical moment, these pocket watches can reach many thousands at auction. Look for inscriptions to the dust cover (inner plate), case back, or whether the watch is in a special presentation case.  


Case Detailing

Decorative cases to both pocket watches and fob watches can incrementally increase the value of the item. Sought-after Waltham examples include intricate enamel work, tri-coloured gold motifs, and cases set with precious gemstones and diamonds.


Waltham Railway Pocket Watches

Watches presented to train drivers and made by Waltham as well as Waltham Massey, these nickel and silver open face pocket watches are discernable through their oversized roman numeral markers, and acronym markers to the dial detailing the station and line in which they were used. Occasionally also marked to the case back, these unique watches sell well at auction, popular with railwayana and watch collectors alike. 


Waltham 'Sidereal' Pocket Watches

Perhaps one of the more distinctive dials in Waltham's long history, the Sidereal pocket watch is a fascinating timepiece. Featuring a dial with 1-24 markers and an outer track with increments from 0-60 in intervals of 5, these watches were designed to measure 'sidereal' time that is used by astronomers, as opposed to solar time. This results interestingly in the watches running -4 minutes a day. Understandably, few of these wonderful timepieces were made and as such can fetch thousands of pounds at auction.


Waltham Chronometer Watches

Waltham pocket watches with chronometer capabilities are valued for their complications and exquisite movements. Pocket watches with more than one subsidiary dial, or boxed chronometer clocks sell especially well with keen horological collectors. Waltham 'Riverside' movements are also prized, and frequently exceed their auction estimates. 


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